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Boost engagement, memory retention, and trust with your team.

“Eye contact can go a long way toward forging trust and lasting connections.”

Harvard Law School

“Eye contact helps build credibility and trust in both personal and professional settings”

American Express

“Studies reveal that eye contact improves understanding between teams.”

Quest Workspaces

“Eye contact can help you succeed with workplace conversations, meetings, and job interviews.”


“Eye contact is the key to compassion and connection.”

Stanford University

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iContact Camera


    Studies show people prefer video calls that facilitate eye contact 88% more than those that don’t.


    Based on clinical research, higher levels of eye contact make you appear more reliable, engaging, and self-assured.


    Studies show eye contact during virtual presentations leads to more effective recall (23% improvement) of presented information.


    According to research, eye contact in video chats facilitates trust at levels similar to face-to-face interactions.

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