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Condenser microphone
Karl Thomsen
Solid microphone!

Clarity and pick up are excellent. Well worth it. Thank you!

iContact Camera
Daniel Salas
Love this Camera!!

This is the perfect camera for a laptop! Not so much a regular PC monitor as it's not long enough and the thickness of the screen doesn't really set well with the camera. But for a laptop, it's perfect.

iContact Camera
Bill Becker
Absolutely Perfect

This was exactly what I needed to use with an online teleprompter to produce my recorded lectures. So glad I came across this camera.

iContact Camera
Jenny Rogers
Excellent eye contact laptop camera

We love our iContact! What a nifty little device and what a major difference it makes. I recently had a major job interview online and iContact Camera allowed me to really connect with the interview panel, make direct eye contact and create excellent repore and intimacy. I would highly recommend this great little camera!

iContact Camera
Nancy Lemmon
A great solution

This camera helps me make eye contact easily when speaking with one person at a time, assuming they don’t move too much. With speakers who move around the screen too much or with multiple people who each has their face in different areas of their square, it’s a little trickier. The quality is good but it’s not the highest quality camera. Overall, I still give it five stars because it’s a good solution to an important and difficult problem: natural eye contact while doing webinars at work.

iContact Camera
Even better than my first review

My first review said I loved it, price point very fair, worked effortlessly, small and unobtrusive. Only wish was that it wasn't set to seem so "close" to subject because I had to sit really far back to keep from taking up the entire screen with my face. The iContact team replied, and told me to turn on the HD setting on zoom. Guess what? Worked perfectly, and my face no longer takes up the entire frame. Perfect product, perfect service. Thank you!

iContact Camera
Happy Traum
Excellent Customer Service

The camera works really well but when I ran into a problem the support was fast and solved the issue. They even followed up to make sure everything was working as it should after the situation was resolved. Much appreciated.

About time someone thought of this, love it!

The cam's actually helped, it's more like a face to face meeting.

Working in the telehealth field, the iContact Camera has greatly improved patient interactions. The sense of making direct eye contact during sessions makes the interactions more personal and effective.

The eye-level alignment is great, but the mic is pretty bad.

Hi Lucy, Thanks for your feedback. Try using your computer's built-in microphone for better audio quality.

iContact Camera
Philip K.

Definaly works. Calls are easier, communcation better. Wish it was a bit longer.

The eye-level alignment makes our team meetings more natural. It's an strange design for a webcam and takes a while to get used to.. but worth it.

iContact Camera
Alejandro G.

Selling products online has become a more engaging experience thanks to the iContact Camera. It's like I'm making a personal connection during my pitches, which I believe has led to better conversion rates.

In my role in online sales, the iContact Camera has significantly improved my calls. The sense of making direct eye contact during pitches has made the interactions more engaging, leading to a noticeable improvement in sales.

iContact Camera
Mohamed Salah

Managing a distributed team, communication is crucial. Thanks to the iContact Camera, our team meetings have become more engaging. It feels like we're all in the same room, even though we're dispersed globally.

It's easier to make that initial connection on calls. Working in sales thats a huge plus.

The iContact Camera provides a personal touch during video calls, but its mount could be more adjustable to fit different monitors better.

As a project manager, the iContact Camera has enhanced my team meetings. The eye-level alignment feature makes these meetings more engaging, improving overall team performance.

I love how it's improved my video calls. Built in micropphone is not that great, but I just use the one on my computer.

I love the face-to-face feeling with the iContact Camera, but it's a bit pricey compared to other webcams with similar specs.

iContact Camera
Hiroshi T.

Working in sales, it feels like I'm in the room with the clients. My conversion rates have shot up!

iContact Camera
Carmen S.

Working from home in project management, the iContact Camera has definitely enhanced my communication with the team.

Being in healthcare, it's important to establish a personal connection with patients. With this camera, telemedicine feels more personal.

With the iContact Camera, I feel more connected during my video calls. The eye-level alignment is brilliant.