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Boost engagement, memory retention, and trust.

A new platform for better video calls

Cameras, lights, microphones, software and more.

Immersive audio and video features

Retractable arm, 4K resolution, and noise cancelling mics.

When you make better eye contact, you’ll have better communication with family, friends, and coworkers.

Gadget Flow

A small camera with a big impact!

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Making eye contact when engaged in video calls is extremely tricky if your web camera is situated at the top of your laptop screen or desktop computer.

Geeky Gadgets

The iContact Camera is designed with everyday use in mind and is great for professionals who spend extended periods on video calls throughout their day. 


Eye contact makes your online calls feel natural, lake a face-to-face conversation.

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Traditional Webcam

iContact Camera comparison to built in cameraiContact Camera comparison to built in camera

iContact Camera


    Studies show people prefer video calls that facilitate eye contact 88% more than those that don’t.


    Based on clinical research, higher levels of eye contact make you appear more reliable, engaging, and self-assured.


    Studies show eye contact during virtual presentations leads to a 23% improvement in recall of presented information.


    According to research, eye contact in video chats facilitates trust at levels similar to face-to-face interactions.

A better call anywhere

Free control

Adjust webcam settings on Mac and PC using built-in Camera Settings on PC and our free iContact Control app on Mac.

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