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“Establishing eye contact with patients is an essential and important component to develop a good doctor-patient relation.”

National Institute of Health

“Talking with patients at eye level is crucial to showing respect and gaining trust.”

Geisel School of Health at Dartmouth

“Eye contact can result in a stronger doctor-patient relationship, thus leading to enhanced patient satisfaction and engagement.”

The American Journal of Medicine

“Virtual meetings and video calls don’t quite stack up to in-person interactions due to the lack of eye contact.”

Scientific American

“Eye contact drives great conversations”. 

Psychology Today

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    Studies show patients prefer video calls that facilitate eye contact 88% more than those that don’t.


    Based on clinical research, higher levels of eye contact make patients feel more addressed and recognized.


    Eye contact during meetings leads to a 23% improvement in recall of presented information for patients.


    According to research, eye contact in telehealth sessions facilitates trust at levels similar to face-to-face interactions.

Success story

iContact Camera enhances patient experiences at Wahlen Medical Center

Health Coach Jeremy Roper sees increased engagement and information recall among his patients

  • Challenge

    Healthcare professionals at the Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center often face the challenge of maintaining meaningful engagement with their patients during video calls. Achieving natural communication and eye contact is crucial for building trust and rapport, yet it can be difficult to maintain consistently in virtual meetings. This lack of direct interaction can hinder the development of a strong patient-provider relationship, impacting the overall quality of care provided to veterans.

  • Solution

    The iContact Camera Pro offers a tailored solution for healthcare professionals at the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center grapping with these challenges. Its intuitive design and features empower professionals to conduct telehealth sessions with ease, facilitating natural communication while maintaining eye contact throughout the session.

  • Results

    Integrating the iContact Camera Pro into telehealth sessions at the Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center led to higher patient engagement on remote video calls. Eye contact is proven to boost information recall by 23%, making it easier for healthcare professionals to build rapport and convey empathy with their patients. The iContact Camera Pro simplified telehealth interactions, allowing professionals to focus solely on delivering top-notch patient care.

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