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Upgrade your video calls with the iContact Camera Pro and Light Panel combo. The iContact Camera Pro delivers crisp 4K video and immersive audio. Pair it with the Light Panel for perfectly balanced, soft lighting in any setting. Adjust the color temperature and brightness of the 160 LED lights, which boast a 95+ CRI, to ensure even, natural lighting without the splotchy colors common in lesser lights. Designed for seamless integration with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, this duo enhances your setup, keeping it sleek and tidy.
Pro Camera + Light Panel - iContact Camera
Pro Camera + Light Panel - iContact Camera
Pro Camera + Light Panel - iContact Camera
Pro Camera + Light Panel - iContact Camera

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Christopher H. (Los Angeles, US)
Great Camera - Perfect Position

Not only is it a great camera, its actually throwing me off because I am so used to looking up at the top of my screen, so it does take some getting used to if you are coming from a top mounted camera, but its been amazing and people already notice the difference.

Eva S. (Mariakerke, BE)

It works perfectly! High quality view and great service.
Thank you

Kristy S. (Horicon, US)
Great assistance with return

The checkout process was quick and easy and my item arrived the next day - however, I orderd the wrong item. The customer service rep I worked with for the resturn was efficient and quick to respond and made the process easy for me - and when I ordered my new item that also came within a few short days. Thank you for your help!

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Works with

Compare the difference

  • iContact Camera

    • Compact one piece construction
    • One touch placement and removal
    • Minimal screen obstruction
  • iContact Camera vs. Center Cam comparison

    Clip camera

    • Bulky clip
    • Camera is difficult to level
    • Camera shakes easily
  • iContact Camera vs. Plexicam comparison

    Slider camera

    • Bulky camera and mount
    • Cord is difficult to manage
    • Camera not included


How is an iContact Сamera better than existing webcams?

Built-in webcams do not allow you to make eye contact during video calls. Existing on-screen cameras are not well thought out in terms of product design and ease of daily use. 

What are the advantages of the iContact Сamera design?

Very compact design. Easy to put on your device when you want to make eye contact during video calls, easy to remove or store to the side of your screen when the meeting is over.

What do you mean I have no eye contact during video calls?

During a video call, you look at the screen, into the eyes of the person you are calling. The person on the other end sees that your gaze is down, because eye contact contact is only possible when you look directly into the camera. The iContact Camera aligns the position of the camera and the face of your interlocutor in the same area, so there is visual contact and a feeling of real-life communication.

What are the benefits of eye contact?

By bringing eye contact back into online communication, you make it more natural and similar to real-life. We believe that eye contact has much more impact than 4K or autofocus, so we've created a product that's as light, concise and affordable as possible.