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Boost engagement, memory retention, and trust in students.

“Students participate more when they make eye contact with their instructor.” 

National Institute of Health

“Eye contact is one of the best ways to connect with students and keep their focus.”


“Direct eye contact can increase the effectiveness of teaching.”

US Department of Education

“Eye contact is the most important communication tool for the classroom.”

Research Gate

“Eye contact helps you connect with your students and keep them engaged.”

MIT Teaching + Learning Lab

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iContact Camera


    Studies show people prefer video calls that facilitate eye contact 88% more than those that don’t.


    Based on clinical research, higher levels of eye contact make you appear more reliable, engaging, and self-assured.


    Studies show eye contact during virtual presentations leads to more effective recall (23% improvement) of presented information.


    According to research, eye contact in video chats facilitates trust at levels similar to face-to-face interactions.

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