My computer does not show iContact Camera as an option.

Unplug the camera and restart your video app. If that doesn’t work, unplug your camera and restart you computer.

If using a USB hub, ensure that it is a powered USB hub. The iContact Camera requires the full amount of power provided by a USB 2.0 port. Many stand-alone USB hubs will not allow for the full 5V 500mA of power that is provided by the computer’s USB port. If using a USB 3.1 port,  this can usually provide sufficient power to the other devices on the hub and the iContact Camera.

For more information on connecting with a PC, see this Microsoft guide.

How do I focus my lens

Plug-in the camera and open a video window so you actively see your video. Rotate the lens slowly clockwise 1/4 turn, monitoring focus. If the focus becomes MORE blurry after 1/4 rotation, rotate counterclockwise slowly 1/2 full turn until the camera comes into desired focus. Re-secure with lock nut.

How do I mount the camera and keep it level

Slide the cover back and place the cord in the slot that best matches your screen size. Smooth out the cord by pulling taunt and moving across the corner of a table.

Black shapes on the screen

If you see dark images on your lens when it’s out of focus, there may be dust on the sensor. Dust can easily be removed by unscrewing the lens and cleaning the black sensor back square in the middle with a cotton swab. You can do this with the camera on to quickly check to see if you’ve removed the dust. If it doesn’t come off  try a putting a drop of rubbing alcohol, eyeglass, or screen cleaner on the swap.

Adjusting image color, saturation and brightness

The best image quality is created in a well-lit environment. Avoid overhead and fluorescent lights and dark backgrounds.  If that’s not possible, most video apps allow for video setting adjustments. Here is a link for Zoom. For additional image control, check out the 3rd party software listed below.

Slow frame rate

1. Check to make sure that you have an appropriate amount of lighting in the room.
2. Ensure that the HD setting is enabled for your conferencing software.
3. Some video calling apps “Disable GPU hardware acceleration”. Turn off this setting and restart the application.
4. Slower internet speeds may reduce the frame rate.
5. Many video calling apps reduce the quality of the video to make it easier to transmit.

I’m not seeing 1080p resolution

The iContact Camera supports Full HD (1080p) video at 30 frames per second. If you’re not seeing 1080p resolution, it may be that your video conferencing application supports up to 720p or there might even be a setting within the application to put the video into HD quality. Please check your application requirements and settings.

In addition, check the following:

  • USB bandwidth — (ex. using many active USB devices at the same time)
  • CPU utilization — (ex. file transfers, streaming, checking email, antivirus scanning)
  • Network bandwidth — your internet connection download speed should be at least 3 Mbps
How do I fix florescent coloring/pixelation/lines in picture?

HD settings MUST be enabled in order for the iContact Camera to function properly. Adjust your computer/video-conference settings to enable HD.

What teleprompter software is recommended?

Users have found Teleprompter Mirror software to work well and they provide a free option at the link here.

Video conferencing tips

Test before use in the meeting. Open your video calling app and connect the iContact Camera.  Align the top third of the video window with the camera head. You may need to change the window size for the best alignment.

USB connectivity

The cord is custom designed to fit thought the adjustable top mount and not kink. It’s made of environmentally friendly TPE the same material used in Apple product cords. Should you want a longer cord, this one works. It’s also USB C to USB A.
This adapter works if you’re just looking for the older USB style.

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