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Managing better with eye contact and emotion

Managing a team can be difficult, especially if team members communicate via video calls and work remotely. Making eye contact during these video sessions, however, has been demonstrated to greatly increase team members' engagement and communication overall, according to recent research. 

According to a recent study from the University of California, team managers who make eye contact with team members during video conversations tend to come across as more credible and trustworthy. According to the study, making eye contact with teammates fosters a feeling of involvement and connection, which improves the dynamics of the team as a whole. 

Eye contact enhances the overall effectiveness of team communication, according to a different study from the University of South Wales. According to the study, team leaders who maintained eye contact during video conversations were able to speak more convincingly and effectively, which improved team understanding and productivity. 

Research has indicated that maintaining eye contact during video conversations can make team members feel less alone and isolated, which has favorable benefits on team dynamics and communication. According to a University of Illinois study, eye contact between team members and the manager can help to lessen the sense of separation that arises frequently while managing remote teams. 

In conclusion, maintaining eye contact during video conversations for team management can greatly enhance engagement and collaboration while lowering feelings of loneliness and isolation. Team managers should be urged to employ technologies that support eye contact during video calls. The advantages are apparent, as recent research demonstrates. Additionally, team members should be encouraged to maintain eye contact with the manager and other participants during video conversations in order to improve communication and, in turn, teamwork and productivity.